Project Concept

The primary function of the AutoInspect system is to receive sintered parts, inspect them at high throughput, and sentence them as good or bad components accordingly. To ensure maximum throughput the PM/MIM components are fed continuously via a conveyor.

The concept utilises a new approach to the problem of performing 100% inspection of PM/MIM components. Within this project, the Research organisations have provided research and development capability to the SMEs in the following areas:

  • Micro-focus stabilised X-ray source generator including excitation driving electronics and control software.
  • High resolution X-ray detection technology and acquisition software for fast capture of images.
  • Software driven automated defects detection in PM/MIM component radiographs and image processing algorithms.
  • Component feeding and manipulator mechanics.

Any flaws detected can be identified through digital radiographic image acquisition and processed/analysed for quality check. Any problems with the process can be identified online before the goods are dispatched. This will allow improved control over the consistency of the product quality