MIMTech ALFA SL MimTech-Alfa


MIM TECH ALFA, S. L. was created in 2004 as a production plant for the manufacturing of metal parts by means of the Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) process. It is located in Eibar, 50 Km from Bilbao and 70 Km away from the French border.

The company is part of ALFA LAN holding, one of the most important industrial groups in the Basque Country, comprising 13 companies, leaders in their market segments, with more than 750 employees.

MIM TECH ALFA owns a 1000 m2 plant with modern equipment to carry out the whole MIM process: injectors, debinding furnaces, sintering devices and equipment needed for quality control of the produced parts (compositional and dimensional verification, defect determination by non-destructive testing, mechanical testing...), as well as a professional team with in-depth knowledge of the MIM process, which is capable of fully satisfying market demands.

The company is specialized in the production of big series of small metal parts with high geometrical complexity and accurate dimensional requirements for many different industrial sectors, like automotive industry, microelectronics, swatch manufacturers, and dental/medical industry.

MIM TECH ALFA has an important vocation for innovation and continuous improvement that has led to the commitment to design training programmes and to establish investment plans that will enable to maintain all technological means perfectly updated at all times. The commitment to provide a perfect service to the client leads to reduce permanently the periods of maturing the product, giving quick response to the requirements of the customers. The company is able to supply finished and assembled parts, even if they require machining processes, surface treatments, etc., operations mostly integrated in our holding.